Service company

quadrakom is the ideal partner for small and medium-sized service companies, self-employed persons and freelancers of all industries.

We offer all business-related consulting services from a single source and support you in all tax, legal, economic, organizational and financial aspects. And this in all phases of the company: from the foundation to the expansion to the company succession.

Our services:

  • Tax consulting
    • Financial and payroll accounting
    • Preparation of annual financial statements
    • Preparation of tax returns
    • Support during tax audits
    • Representation before authorities
  • Auditing
    • All voluntary and statutory audits
    • Special audits
    • Business consulting
    • Business plans
    • Investment calculations
  • Legal consulting
    • Contract law
    • Corporate law
    • Commercial law
    • Tax law
    • Labor law
    • Inheritance and gifts