Internal audit

A well-functioning internal audit is a basis for efficient entrepreneurial processes. For economic reasons, however, it may be advisable to have the company’s internal audit performed by external consultants – the costs become more calculable and the use of experienced specialists is a given. The objective and independent view of our auditors enables us to make a neutral assessment of your company and ensures an efficient audit process and timely, management-oriented information. In addition, you benefit from our benchmarks, best practice and synergy effects. This allows risks to be eliminated at an early stage and processes to be significantly improved.

Our services:

  • Assumption of auditing activities (out- or co-sourcing)
  • Grant audits (proof of use)
  • Business process analyses, regularity and cost-effectiveness
  • IT auditing
  • Introduction and audit of risk management
Problem solutions tailored to your needs

Case studies from practice

Succession planning for a medium-sized manufacturing company (approx. 40 million turnover) within the family by means of a mixed donation
  1. Preparation of a schedule
  2. Preparation of a business valuation to determine a purchase price and gift value
  3. Determination of the provision for the transferring shareholder
  4. Extensive discussions with the family members involved
  5. Drafting of the transfer agreement
  6. Redrafting of the articles of association
  7. Establishment of an advisory board with the involvement of the transferring shareholder
  8. Tax support of the company and the shareholders during the entire transfer process
  9. Tax optimization of the transfer to the next generation
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Transfer of a sole proprietorship (approx. 2 million turnover) to an external successor (advising the seller)
  1. Preparation of a company valuation to determine a purchase price
  2. Search for interested parties
  3. Abschluss eines Letter of Intent (LOI)
  4. Further negotiations with the interested parties
  5. Accompaniment of the due diligence
  6. Negotiation and drafting of the company purchase agreement
  7. Tax support of the company and the owner during the entire sales process
  8. Structuring of the further professional activities of the seller
Management ConsultingAuditing
Support of a medium-sized company with several foreign subsidiaries
  1. Comprehensive tax, legal and business management advice to companies and shareholders
  2. Accompanying the acquisition of companies in Asia – close cooperation with the specialist advisors in Asia
  3. Business management consulting during the integration of the new acquisition with review of product calculations, etc.
  4. Introduction of a controlling reporting system for the group of companies
  5. In addition to the preparation of the annual financial statements of the German companies, preparation of group financial statements including the foreign companies
Management ConsultingAuditingLegal consultingTax consulting