Tax consultancy

General tax consulting

We are available to you as an independent advisor for the business and tax implications for planned investments and accompany you in the planning and implementation of financing, as well as in the assessment of asset investments. In addition, we create multi-year tax-optimized asset strategies based on your individual income

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Tax structuring

For us, successful tax structuring does not only mean providing you with short-term tax advantages, but we think further ahead – with forward-looking and long-term tax planning, taking into account the development of your company. Our goal is to optimize and permanently reduce your tax burden. This means planning security

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Defense consulting

In tax audits, opposition proceedings and proceedings before the fiscal courts, a targeted protection of your rights secures the tax interests of your company. We do not simply accept the problems described by the tax authorities, but counter them with our expertise, a great deal of sensitivity and new aspects.

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Succession planning

Succession planning for companies is one of the most complex topics and a great challenge for both the entrepreneur and the tax consultant – thanks to quadrakom’s interdisciplinary company philosophy, we are exactly the right contact. In a first step, we analyze the current initial situation with regard to various

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Sales tax consulting

VAT law is a complex area: topics such as cross-border chain transactions, reverse charge, construction services, intra-Community deliveries, assembly sites abroad or consignment stocks are a science in themselves. From a legal point of view, it is always important to stay up to date and to keep an eye on

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Annual financial statements

The result of accounting at the end of a fiscal year is the annual financial statement and is the basis for entrepreneurial and operational decisions. We prepare annual financial statements for companies of all legal forms and are familiar with the industry-specific accounting rules for a wide range of sectors.

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A smoothly functioning payroll accounting is the basis of your company to correctly settle wages and salaries, as well as the basis of an efficient personnel management. Furthermore, payroll accounting is a complex field that requires extensive specialized knowledge, since extensive interested parties exert influence on this field and make

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Financial accounting

For companies, a well-managed accounting system is a basis and an important control instrument for successful future business decisions. We provide you with competent advice on all accounting issues, prepare business analyses for you according to individual requirements and record, account for and archive your receipts. Our accounting department looks

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Problem solutions tailored to your needs

Case studies from practice

Succession planning for a medium-sized manufacturing company (approx. 40 million turnover) within the family by means of a mixed donation
  1. Preparation of a schedule
  2. Preparation of a business valuation to determine a purchase price and gift value
  3. Determination of the provision for the transferring shareholder
  4. Extensive discussions with the family members involved
  5. Drafting of the transfer agreement
  6. Redrafting of the articles of association
  7. Establishment of an advisory board with the involvement of the transferring shareholder
  8. Tax support of the company and the shareholders during the entire transfer process
  9. Tax optimization of the transfer to the next generation
Management ConsultingAuditingLegal consultingTax consulting
Transfer of a sole proprietorship (approx. 4 million turnover) to an external successor (advising the buyer)
  1. Structuring of the purchase process with the establishment of a purchasing company
  2. Preparation of a company valuation to determine a purchase price
  3. Conclusion of a letter of intent (LOI)
  4. Accompaniment of bank negotiations to finance the purchase price
  5. Execution of tax, economic and legal due diligence
  6. Negotiation and drafting of the company purchase agreement
  7. Tax optimization of the company acquisition and the subsequent structure
  8. Support of the acquired company in all tax, economic and legal matters
Management ConsultingLegal consultingTax consulting
Restructuring of a group of companies (approx. 20 million turnover) in preparation for company succession and to avoid disclosure of annual financial statements
  1. Restructuring of the group of companies while optimizing the tax implications
  2. New formation and integration of a new company as well as inclusion of an additional personally liable partner to avoid disclosure of annual financial statements
  3. Elaboration and implementation of the contract design
  4. Accompanying the restructured company vis-à-vis the tax authorities with regard to the tax consequences of the restructuring, including obtaining binding information
Tax consultingManagement Consulting
Accompaniment of the settlement of a community of heirs
  1. Determination of the value of the estate with valuation of individual estate items
  2. Determination of the interests of the individual members of the community of heirs
  3. Optimization of the tax effects of a settlement of the community of heirs
  4. Implementation of the contractual arrangement of the settlement
  5. Preparation of the required tax returns with assistance in the tax proceedings vis-à-vis the tax authorities
Legal consultingTax consulting
Assumption of an executorship for the fair implementation of the testator’s will
  1. Drafting of the will with the client with appointment of executor
  2. Occurrence of the succession
  3. Taking over the execution of the will
  4. Communication with the probate court
  5. Information and coordination with the heirs
  6. Preparation of an estate inventory
  7. Preparation of the inheritance tax return
  8. Implementation of the testator’s instructions within the framework of the execution of the will, in particular the disposition of the estate and distribution to the beneficiaries in accordance with the testator’s wishes
Legal consultingTax consulting
Restructuring of a group of companies in the context of a shareholder dispute
  1. Advising and assisting a shareholder in a company split with various legal and tax issues
  2. Contractual implementation of the separation
  3. Restructuring of the acquired part of the company
  4. Preparation of a business plan
  5. Accompaniment of the financing discussions
  6. Ongoing support of the company in tax, legal and business management matters
Management ConsultingLegal consultingTax consulting
Support of a medium-sized company with several foreign subsidiaries
  1. Comprehensive tax, legal and business management advice to companies and shareholders
  2. Accompanying the acquisition of companies in Asia – close cooperation with the specialist advisors in Asia
  3. Business management consulting during the integration of the new acquisition with review of product calculations, etc.
  4. Introduction of a controlling reporting system for the group of companies
  5. In addition to the preparation of the annual financial statements of the German companies, preparation of group financial statements including the foreign companies
Management ConsultingAuditingLegal consultingTax consulting