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We offer companies:

We advise companies in all industries on all tax, business and legal issues. Our interdisciplinary orientation, the bundling of the competences of tax consultants, auditors and lawyers qualifies us for complex consulting situations. This begins with the foundation of a company and extends through the growth phase to the regulation of company succession.

We help to start successfully

If you want to start a business or buy an existing one, we examine your plans and prepare business plans and budgets that include the necessary investments, sales, costs and earnings as well as the development of liquidity. Based on this data and depending on the available equity capital, we create an individual financing concept and accompany you in negotiations with banks, where we assist you with detailed tax and business management questions.

We advise you comprehensively and create a suitable concept based on your current situation as a founder. We explain tax effects, consequences for liability and other obligations. If desired, we organize your accounting and controlling and establish efficient bookkeeping. In the start-up phase we advise you on legal issues of all kinds, e.g. employment contracts, general terms and conditions for your supply contracts or service contracts.

We control sustainable growth

Our primary goal is to ensure that your company develops profitably – we support this with the full expertise of all our business areas. On the basis of your annual financial statements, we prepare your company tax return. In order for your company to develop successfully, saving taxes and generating liquidity is our claim and goal. We accompany planned investments with budgeted calculations and financing concepts as in the start-up phase. In the case of company acquisitions, we also prepare company valuations as well as financing and conversion concepts. If cost structures have to be adjusted in your company, parts of the company have to be spun off or refinancing has to be carried out, we also support you in word and deed. In addition, we review and optimize the current status of your accounting and controlling together with you at fixed or variable intervals.

We plan succession strategically

Succession planning for companies is one of the most complex topics and a great challenge for the entrepreneur as well as for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers – thanks to quadrakom’s interdisciplinary company philosophy, we are exactly the right contact. We recommend our clients to approach a succession plan early, long-term and strategically. In a first step, we analyze the current initial situation with regard to various parameters such as financial and profit situation, controlling, market position, core competencies, etc.. We then work with you to develop various objectives for the implementation of the succession plan, plan the technical process with regard to all relevant issues, and support you in the implementation of the succession plan with our expertise.

Our services:

  • We offer companies
    • Payroll accounting
    • Financial accounting
    • Tax consulting
    • Business consulting
    • Legal consulting
  • We help to start successfully
    • Business plan
    • Financing
    • Choice of legal form
    • Accounting
    • Law and contracts
  • We manage sustainable growth
    • Minimize taxes
    • Transaction consulting
    • Restructuring
    • Controlling consulting
  • We plan succession strategically
    • Situation analysis
    • Develop goals
    • Create plan
    • Implement succession