For freelancers

Good advice – right from the start

Since freelancers are subject to different rules in terms of tax and accounting obligations compared to professionals, we offer one-stop consulting services specially tailored to these entrepreneurs and support you in all tax, legal, economic, organizational and financial aspects.

We clarify your freelance status

Freelancers do not pay trade tax and are subject to fewer requirements, e.g. with regard to accounting obligations. Whether an activity can be classified as a freelance profession is decided by the tax office on a case-by-case basis and by means of classification into certain categories, e.g. healing professions, scientific-technical professions, cultural professions or professions according to the catalog of freelance professions (§18 para. 1 no. 1 EStG).

We check your business model

We check your business model with regard to commercial shares and the resulting tax aspects, support you in a clean separation of commercial and freelance activities and find a solution for you that is accepted by the tax office and easy to manage. The better you separate your freelance activities from commercial activities, the more you will benefit from the tax advantages of the freelancer with regard to trade tax.

We clarify important questions

We have the answers to all the “classic” questions of freelancers, e.g. the private use of a car or the deductibility of a workroom in a home office. And, of course, we are available to advise you on investment and financing.

Our services:

  • We offer freelancers
    • Payroll accounting
    • Financial accounting
    • Tax consulting
    • Business consulting
    • Legal advice
  • We clarify your tax status
    • Catalog or catalog-like professions
    • Evaluation by the tax office
  • We check your business model
    • Avoiding trade tax risks
    • Separation of freelance and business income
    • Examination of your activity with regard to similarity to an entrepreneur or employee
  • We clarify important questions
    • Deductibility of the home office
    • Use / deduction of the private vehicle
    • Investments and financing