Handicraft enterprises


The foundation of a craft business is usually capital-intensive – investments in machines, company vehicles, tools as well as raw materials and supplies have to be made. We offer you a coherent financing concept as well as planned calculations for the foundation of your company.

To ensure that you have a favorable tax situation right from the start, we advise you on the choice of legal form, because depending on the legal form, the respective consequences under liability law and the disclosure obligations must be observed. We are also happy to assist you with the design of your accounting system – regardless of whether you want to manage your documents internally or hand them over to us.


Due to the growth of a company, certain organizational circumstances have to be considered, because accounting knows no standstill. We advise you on the efficient organization of your internal accounting and optimize your internal and external document flow.

From a certain company size on, it makes sense to have your own cost accounting, because growth can lead to confusion. After all, you want to know with which services you earn money and who in your company produces which costs. We help you to install a transparent cost accounting and controlling system. If you want to expand your business, a transparent controlling system will create confidence among investors. For a smooth dialogue with the banks, we support you with regular business management evaluations on the development of earnings and liquidity, investment calculations for business expansions and draw up financing concepts.


Succession planning for craft enterprises is a complex issue and a major challenge for the owner as well as for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers. Our tax consultants will show you the tax consequences. Our auditors determine the value of your craft business and our lawyers support you in preparing all relevant contracts for sale, donation or handover.

Our services:

  • Foundation
    • Choice of legal form
    • Legal advice during the foundation phase
    • Establishment of the accounting system
  • Growth
    • Adapt accounting system
    • Introduce cost accounting
    • Create financing concepts
  • Succession
    • Sale
    • Handover
    • Donation